Our Consulting Services provide firms with professionals who are skilled in the analysis of complex issues ranging from discovery issues to the technical and economic issues surrounding damages. Our professionals have evaluated the causation and calculation issues relating to lost profits, reasonable royalties, convoyed sales, price erosion and future damages, among others. We have evaluated complex issues such as hypothetical dates on reasonable royalties, head-start benefits of infringement, royalty stacking issues, as well as the demand for non-infringing alternatives.

Our respected reputation in litigation matters is rooted in sound economic principles and in simplifying the complexities of intellectual property; so that clients, judges, negotiators, mediators and juries understand the fundamentals of our client’s disputed situation.  From the beginning, we prepare our analyses in order to withstand strong cross-examination.

Expert Testimony

We are experienced in discovery issues, including newer electronic challenges, document management, expert report preparation, and testimony in deposition, arbitration and trial. Our expert testimony experience includes patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, antitrust, breach of contract, unfair competition, irreparable harm, and business valuation issues.

Litigation Risk Assessment

Often counsel may find it useful to check the viability of certain damages theories early in a litigation; sometimes months or years prior to actually retaining their trial testifying expert. Our early evaluations provide for useful tailoring of damages discovery and methodologies.  Our experience excludes helping counsel identify, select and work with the chosen experts.

Decision tree analysis may be useful in the framing of potential case outcomes and determining reasonable expected case values for making negotiations as well as settlement decisions. Additionally, Robinwood has assisted counsel in evaluating the economic effect of potential license terms proposed in settlement negotiations.

Robinwood professionals have provided expert services in the following industries:

Anti-Counterfeiting Technology
Biometric Identification
Computer Software
Computer Hardware
Construction and Material Testing
Defense Contracts
DVD and CD Technology
Heavy Machinery
Law Enforcement
Life Sciences
Medical Products
Metal Forming
Recreational Products
Pipeline Assessment Technology