Engagements By Industry


Robinwood Consulting assessed economic damages, including lost profits, price erosion and reasonable royalty payments due by the alleged infringement of software patents by a large telecommunications provider.

Robinwood Consulting valued patents for a major telecommunications corporation relating to caller identification technology. We assisted our client with the evaluation of technology in the market, reasonable customer acceptance, the timing of that acceptance, and the potential benefits of licensing or retaining the technology in-house.


In the matter, U.S. Philips Corporation v. International Norcent Technology, et al., Robinwood Consulting provided an expert report, deposition and trial testimony relating to the alleged infringement of essential DVD player patents. The jury’s verdict was for validity and infringement, and fully agreed with our damages opinion in the amount of approximately $12.9 million for our client.


Robinwood Consulting represented three different manufacturers in three different cases relating to compensation sought for the use by the United States Government of the manufacturers’ patent rights in Government Contracts. The manufacturers received reasonable royalties of 17%, 16% and 10% of net sales from the United States Government’s use of the patents.

Robinwood Consulting assisted a major manufacturer of photographic equipment in valuing patents utilized by a division. The manufacturer was in the process of selling the division, and the valuation was used to identify and highlight intellectual property assets being sold as part of the deal.

Robinwood Consulting represented a manufacturer of automotive diagnostic equipment in an arbitration matter over the infringement of the manufacturer’s patent by one of its competitors. The matter involved damages stretching over 14 years and resulted in the arbitrator awarding $44 million to our client for the alleged infringement.

Our professionals have been engaged in the valuation of ownership interest of a limited liability company for the purpose of estate planning. Our objective was to assess the fair market value of ownership interest and prepare a comprehensive appraisal report with supporting analysis. The analysis included creating a financial model and obtaining information from company personnel as well as publicly available sources.


Robinwood Consulting prepared a damages report and testified on behalf of a Fortune 500 chemical manufacturer accused of infringement of a process patent relating to low molecular weight polymers. Robinwood determined reasonable royalties, cost savings, and prejudgment interest from the alleged use of the patent. The case settled favorably for our client prior to trial.


Robinwood Consulting represented an accused infringer of patents in the video-on-demand market place. The opposing side put forth a lost profits claim more than five times greater than our reasonable royalty estimate. At trial, the jury found for infringement, and awarded reasonable royalty damages very close to the amount Robinwood Consulting put forth in its expert report.