Engagements By Type


In the matter, Aero Products International, Inc., et al. v. Intex Recreation Corporation, Robinwood Consulting provided an opinion on economic damages resulting from alleged infringement of Aero Product’s patent. The patented technology related to the valve on an air mattress. Robinwood provided deposition and trial testimony. The jury found for our client in the amount of $2.95 million in patent damages, representing a 13.7% royalty rate on net sales.

In another matter, our client faced over a $100 million damages claim in a patent dispute between direct competitors in the hanger industry. Counsel for the accused infringer retained our services to rebut claims of lost profits, price erosion and reasonable royalty damages. The case settled soon after submittal of our damages report.

Our professionals were asked by a private company to value nanotechnology protected by a patent application and related trade secrets. Robinwood worked closely with management to understand how the technology would be used in its line of business. Our analyses supported a range of values. We communicated our results in the form of a valuation report with attachments for the client to easily understand our methodologies and results.

Counsel retained Robinwood Consulting to perform a valuation of a patent portfolio in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceeding. Our client, a well-known lending institution, claimed ownership of the patent portfolio and required an independent valuation. We submitted a valuation report and testified at trial on our methodologies and results.


Our professionals were retained by counsel to determine economic damages as a result of alleged trademark infringement. Our client is a non-profit company, whose most important asset is its trademark name. Our client vigorously pursued action against an alleged infringer. We submitted a damages report, and soon thereafter, our client settled with favorable results.

Robinwood Consulting represented the owner of a U.S. trademark on scotch whiskey in a lawsuit against a competitor accused of infringing its mark. The case settled favorably for the trademark owner prior to trial.


Our professionals were engaged in a valuation of copyrights associated with software for the purpose of transfer of the software between related parties. The assignment required a determination of fair market value and royalty rate for use of the intellectual property. Our work efforts included interviewing client personnel and creating an in-depth financial model based on corporate budgets and management representations.

Robinwood Consulting represented a major bank in assessing the damages for infringement of a patent and copyright on bank processing software. The case settled favorably just after expert depositions.


Our professionals were retained by counsel to submit a rebuttal report and provide deposition testimony regarding unjust enrichment and reasonable royalty damages from an alleged misappropriation of trade secrets. Our client, a cellular handset manufacturer, was accused of misappropriating trade secrets related to manufacturing testing software and quality control testing know-how. Soon after our deposition was taken, the case settled.


Our client, a labor union, faced breach of contract claims in a labor dispute. Plaintiffs claimed damages stemming from increased operating costs and future lost profits resulting from the alleged breach of contract by the Defendant. Robinwood Consulting submitted a rebuttal report to Plaintiffs’ damages expert and testified on damages. Just prior to trial, the parties reached an amicable settlement.