Licensing Consulting


Identifying The Value Of Intellectual Property

Licensing Consulting Services can bring new revenue streams to your firm. Robinwood Consulting assists clients in identifying and extracting the value of their intellectual property. Our project teams work rapidly to conduct a market analysis and quantify the impact of potentially comparable alternative technologies. We supplement our market analysis consulting with strategic financial models that present the costs and benefits of alternative licensing terms as well as address the risks and rewards of these options.

Economic Modeling

Robinwood’s economic models have been and are useful in providing assistance to clients in negotiating licensing terms. Thorough understanding of the economic effect of licensing terms can often allow licenses to be crafted to minimize the risk and to create “win-win” negotiations.

Valuation Training

Our professionals speak regularly at Licensing Executive Society (LES), Practicing Law Institute (PLI) and Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) meetings and other forums. Additionally, we offer firms individualized training programs related to valuation of intellectual property.

Royalty Audits

Robinwood has been retained to review  the terms of licensing agreements to test whether licensees are properly reporting and paying royalties to licensors. Through careful review and discovery, additional royalty revenue has been recovered and potential issues significant to the licensors were recognized.